Ola Ladies! Do not!! I repeat DO NOT starve yourselves for that summer body because thin is no more in! Whatever shape you are, whatever size, you can rock the summer show by simply putting on the right clothes. This post, pretty woman is all about falling “in love with the shape of you”. Be in love with your body.

Although we girls have our closets full and overflowing with every piece of clothing that we came across, when we have to put together an outfit we still have “nothing to wear. We spend hours sitting in front of our open closet cribbing that we have nothing to wear. No girl, you have literally everything in there, from stuff you need to stuff you havn’t looked at in ages, all you need is a touch of fashion and the right clothes put together to complement your body type and there Cinderella lies the magic.

This post is all about what to put on with which body type.

To talk about body shapes. Women literally come in different shapes and sizes. You may be hour glass shapes, skinny, pear shaped or curvy. Every body shape is complimented by different kinds of clothing.

Dressing an Hourglass shaped body.

If you have an hourglass shaped body you are constantly worried about the fittings of your clothes which are usually handmade to the standard sizes resulting in the clothes being either a size smaller or a size too big. To top it all bigger clothes make your body appear more voluminous.

Why is this type of body shape called hourglass?

Just like an hourglass (sand timer/clock/watch) which has the same width at the top and bottom with a defined middle, women with hourglass shape has that same definition with almost symmetry top and bottom and a small middle which is the waist. You may be hourglass, but some hourglass women consider this shape as the most difficult to style. You can’t wear too much at your upper body which will cause an imbalance you. Same goes with putting too much at your lower body. Most of your clothing style are considered more formal as baggy clothes doesn’t enhance your hourglass silhouette.

Tip the hourglass:
  1. Highlight your curves.
    2. Make your waist the focal point.
    3. Proportionally balance both your upper and lower body at the same time.

Dressing for Pear Shaped Body .

Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Christina Aguilera, Eva Longoria, Paris Hilton and Rihanna all have pear-shaped bodies. Style challenges include finding clothing items that fit both your waist (tiny) and your hips (a bit wider). Dresses can be a challenge because slim-cut fashion may not flare enough to accommodate the bottom half of your pear-shaped body, while remaining tailored to the top half of your body.

  1. Focus attention upward. Pear-shaped women should focus attention on the upper half of their pear-shaped body by choosing slim, fitted tops, button-down shirts and cardigans.
  2. Embellish around the neck. Shirts and dresses with embellished necklines naturally draw the eye upward toward the slimmest part of a pear-shaped body.
  3. Layer it up. Layering garments can balance a pear-shaped body by adding visual interest to the top half of the body.
  4. Go for an A. A-line dresses and tops emphasize the upper body while slimming wider hips characteristic of a pear-shaped body.

Dressing a Curvy Body

When you are voluptuous life gets hard. The toughest body type to dress is when you are on a heavier side.

If you are Curvy

Look for…
Semifitted styles that softly follow your curves and show off your waistline, like Beyonce’s wrap dress. Other flattering silhouettes include sheaths, belted shirtdresses and full skirts.

Anything either too loose or too fitted (including styles that cinch the waist too tightly) and high necklines.


  • to Choose medium-weight knits and soft fabrics that drape well.
    to Opt for lower necklines found in wrap, off-the-shoulder or strapless styles.
    For a slimming effect, show some skin: Expose legs or cleavage.

You see dressing and dresses mean a lot and are a major part of who you are. They are not just a reflection on one’s status but also attitude and personality and thus you young woman should be paying your body the right attention.

So much for today. Fall in love with the shape of you, show off the toned legs, show off the curves coz we love shapes don’t we?!