Dear ladies

So far, in all our blogs we have celebrated the feminity of women. The beauty, the charm, the spirit all remain but what really matter is the fight that each woman has within her. Her art of war.

We bow to the woman power by paying our respect to Nirbhaya, who became the voice of a million, who became our pain and blood, who became our fight.

It is but sad fact that it took 4 years for her to find justice. Four long years to put her criminals to be brought to the dais. Her war dint end with her death, it only started.

We are but the torchbearers of the light, of the fire set ablaze by this incident. We are but soldiers in this fight. And this, is our art of war


We as women have been objectified, disgraced, suppressed and what not but we stand to fight. Today we talk of the fights that women face in almost every field they step it.


At work, we work! Women bring their best foot forward when it comes to scaling the corporate heights. The likes of Chanda Kochar, Arundhati Bhattacharya, Priyanka Chopra are but epitome of excellence.

Research has proved that though the male brain size is bigger , the female brain functions more efficiently due to the elaborate nervous structure. Research proves that women are born smarter. While research has its facts the statistics of profit and loss shows that women are better performers in work places be it technical or back end jobs. While we are out here discussing how much better women perform as compare to men, the salary statistics tell another story all together. Women are paid 30- 40% lesser then men for the same job done to better efficiency. This is a fight being fought by hundreds of women who are bread earners in a family ranging from the daily wage female laborer to high end corporate managers. Though very much present the problem is not ever acknowledged. Its like fight against an invisible enemy, and thus we call it a glass ceiling. While we keep pushing against the strong glass ceiling, we add more and more women to our work force and one day we shall shatter the glass ceiling to shine though, to taste the air of freedom, but until then, we fight the fight.


While we look at discrimination at workplace we don’t have to go far from home to find the evil.

A girl child is seen as a liability, another mouth to feed while a male child an asset. We don’t understand the dynamics of how, and why but we do know that the discrimination is there. Not allowing a girl to complete education, marrying them off at an early age, being harassed by the social bondages are all but our fight.

From the very start we fight to be the perfect child. Later on we fight to go to school, and then we fight to make a name, a name which is not only acknowledged but also respected by the society.


This is our fight, ad we are the graceful fighters. This is our art of war. Every woman fights her war in her own way. Some fight it by doing the unconventional, others by rebellion, and sometime we run away only to return stronger.


We will wear short skirts if we want, we will wear nothing at all if we are comfortable in our own skin. We will work late in the night, we will not be scared of the scavengers lurking in the corners of the dark city. We will drink, go out, choose who we marry. But most importantly of all we will choose how we live! We will not let anyone dictate who you are at the core.

This is me, a woman

And this is my art of war. And I decide on winning!


                  The Return of the 70s!

70s is remembered as the era of Amithabh Bachhan, Dharmendra, Shatrughan Sinha. An era where fashion was redefined, fight sequences extolled and songs written for the soul. 70s was the era that is remembered for the great Actors that it gave and the fashion revolution caused in the Indian scenario.

While Basanti’s hair style and dress were adopted by the young belles , the Abitabh Bachhan’s bell bottom pants were a thing to die for. Everything was revolutionized right from clothes to footwear to makeup.

But with the passage of the era the fashion sense of the youth evolved and with that the era was forgotten and replaced by the hip fashion. High waists were replaced by low, bell bottoms replaced by narrow jeans, polka dots replaced by denims and that saw the revolution of another fashion era.

What might surprise you is that Old is still gold ad the70s are making a comeback. Short skirts are being replaced by long pants again, the winged liners are replacing smoky eyes, and the 70s are back

Today we look at the styles of 70s making a comeback, which are also must haves if you are a fashionista

The return of the saree.

The saree worn by Nargis in the all time favourite and evergreen song “pyaar hua ikraar hua”  is being loved by  the fashion divas today. The 2017 fashion queen Sonam Kapoor was seen wearing the similar saree with a modern twist. Runway models were seen in the same saree which is but a proof that the designers are looking into the 70s for the new trends.


The plain white saree falling into beautiful creese, perfectly complimented by the black border coupled with a black bindi completes the indo-western look.

Now that we have talked about the Indian ethnic look we move on to the western wear.

Return of the high waist pants and bell bottoms

2017 is seeing the return of the high waist parallel pants from the 1970s.

High waist pants were popular not only in the west but also very prevalent in Bollywood. Hight waist with bellbottoms were the fad in Bollywood. We see Amitabh Bachhan wearing the same design in blue shades in Sholay. Not only was it a trend in men’s fashion but also very popular with the bells. Ladies wore high waist bell bottoms coupled with polka dots tie tops. The perfect memory of the same is the costume designed in Bobby for the leading lady.




High waist pants have been back after an era which saw actresses and models flaunting their waist lines, wearing low waist denims and showing off the womanly cuts. The reason that the High waist pants are back is because not only are they extremely comfortable but also complement the curves of voluptuous women while enhancing the frame of the leaner ladies. While these pants look they casual they can pass for a party wear anytime  and hence these are a must haves in the closet.

Return of the winged liner

While we ladies love dressing up and pampering ourselves , we pay extra attention to our makeup. Our makeup boxes are cramped with 5 kinds of blushes and some 50 colors of liners and kajals, this is but a proof of how important our makeup is to look dot on point with the diva look.

While we are talking about makeup we have to talk about the eyes. The recent era saw the rise of smoky eyes as the capital of eye makeup but now in 2017 we see the return on the famous winged liners conspicuously flaunted by our actresses back in 1970s. not only is the fad being popular amongst the gals but actresses like Dipika Padukone are also going for the elaborate liner look.




The winged liner have risen to popularity for all the right reasons. It enhances the doe eye shape, while providing definition to the lashes. It gives a simple yet elegant look to the face which works for formal as well as party occasions.

While there are many more styles from the 1970s which are making a comeback these were the most popular few which a woman must have in her closet. So go out shopping or dig out your mother’s old clothes and accessories because that is what is in. This summer go old school and look absolutely trendy and fabulous because girls, you are worth it.





With her unique mash up covers, she’s won over a million hearts already. Vidya Iyer, who’s better known by her stage name Vidya Vox, has become a YouTube sensation in just a year. Her music is fusion of Indian and western worlds. And these days fashion is also seeing a confluence of cultures. This due to globalisation, travel and advent of technology, projecting the fact that India is a true melting pot of world cultures with its own cultural identity. Take a look!

Sari is one of the worlds oldest and perhaps the only surviving unstitched garment from the past. Over the millennia, it has not only become a sensuous, glamorous all-time-wear for women, but also the ‘canvas’ for weavers and printers to create artistic weaves, prints and jewelled or gold-silver embellishments! Thus, in the modern world, it continues to be an economical and easy-to-wear garment, suitable for work, leisure or luxury. There have been numerous events when international stars have worn it on ramps, runaways and award functions and pulled it off with with élan .

Katherine Heigl,                       Elizabeth Hurley ,                  Paris Hilton and                      Lady Gaga .

In India, bindi is usually worn with saris and salwar kameez, is now more global accessory. The bindi today signifies different things to different people. For women in this part of the globe and even Europe, it is now a fashion statement and a symbol of changing culture in a globalised world. The bindi represents liberation. Young girls who happily wear the bindi now often worn as a tattoo, temporary or permanent, with their sweatshirts and jeans defy the ‘unwritten’ code that the bindi/tatoo goes only with Indian attire. Women in the West go gaga over the bindi and many of them sport it with their western attire.


Padma Lakshmi
Padma was born in Chennai, but she was raised in Malibu, which would explain her California-girl pink bindi paired with matching lipstick and blush.

It’s true that head ornaments haven’t received their share of attention in the past. But the trends have taken a turn for the good. From delicate pins to trendy maang tikkas and even mathapatti, head ornamentation finds itself in the spotlight. Available in a plethora options Chandbali, Jhoomar, Broad String , Diamond Drop, Mathapatti. These add opulence to the ensemble and you are set to make style statement.

Tips and tricks – A maang tikka is an opulent piece of jewellerysss; and like any accessory, it must be selected with care and attention. When choosing a maang tikka, pay attention to the forms that will flatter your facial structure, for example, brides with broad foreheads should opt for heavier maang tikkas or mathapattis. Brides with a slender face can flaunt delicate designs with a single diamond drop, or a thin string of stones.You can also use your necklace and pin it on the sides.

Deepika & Victoria Beckham looking resplendent with different designs of Maang Tika.

A kamarbandh is usually worn with saree or lehenga. But you can accentuate your western outfit with a simple chain or a two-layered kamarbandh. Or you can also wear a chain kamarbandh with jeans for a Bohemian look. Doesn’t Riri look just smashing?

The Hand Bracelet or Haath Phool is known by many names; i.e. Haath Kamal, Hand Chain, Hath Panja . The history of this Indian ornament is vast and rich. While haath phool literally translates to ‘hand flower’, kamal is the Hindi word for the Lotus flower, and both terms refer to the same ornament. Although it is popular as a bridal accessory, especially in North India and Pakistan, the haath phool has become a party-wear ornament that is now worn by women from across the world. It no longer has an exclusively Indian identity. In fact, Vogue declared 2015 as the year the haath phool would become a rage at the Oscars, the most high-profile celebrity event in Hollywood. Take cues from Selena Gomez…..

Lastly style yourself creatively, and don’t forget to exude confidence.

As Coco Chanel said ‘fashion fades ,only style remains the same’


Ola Ladies! Do not!! I repeat DO NOT starve yourselves for that summer body because thin is no more in! Whatever shape you are, whatever size, you can rock the summer show by simply putting on the right clothes. This post, pretty woman is all about falling “in love with the shape of you”. Be in love with your body.

Although we girls have our closets full and overflowing with every piece of clothing that we came across, when we have to put together an outfit we still have “nothing to wear. We spend hours sitting in front of our open closet cribbing that we have nothing to wear. No girl, you have literally everything in there, from stuff you need to stuff you havn’t looked at in ages, all you need is a touch of fashion and the right clothes put together to complement your body type and there Cinderella lies the magic.

This post is all about what to put on with which body type.

To talk about body shapes. Women literally come in different shapes and sizes. You may be hour glass shapes, skinny, pear shaped or curvy. Every body shape is complimented by different kinds of clothing.

Dressing an Hourglass shaped body.

If you have an hourglass shaped body you are constantly worried about the fittings of your clothes which are usually handmade to the standard sizes resulting in the clothes being either a size smaller or a size too big. To top it all bigger clothes make your body appear more voluminous.

Why is this type of body shape called hourglass?

Just like an hourglass (sand timer/clock/watch) which has the same width at the top and bottom with a defined middle, women with hourglass shape has that same definition with almost symmetry top and bottom and a small middle which is the waist. You may be hourglass, but some hourglass women consider this shape as the most difficult to style. You can’t wear too much at your upper body which will cause an imbalance you. Same goes with putting too much at your lower body. Most of your clothing style are considered more formal as baggy clothes doesn’t enhance your hourglass silhouette.

Tip the hourglass:
  1. Highlight your curves.
    2. Make your waist the focal point.
    3. Proportionally balance both your upper and lower body at the same time.

Dressing for Pear Shaped Body .

Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Christina Aguilera, Eva Longoria, Paris Hilton and Rihanna all have pear-shaped bodies. Style challenges include finding clothing items that fit both your waist (tiny) and your hips (a bit wider). Dresses can be a challenge because slim-cut fashion may not flare enough to accommodate the bottom half of your pear-shaped body, while remaining tailored to the top half of your body.

  1. Focus attention upward. Pear-shaped women should focus attention on the upper half of their pear-shaped body by choosing slim, fitted tops, button-down shirts and cardigans.
  2. Embellish around the neck. Shirts and dresses with embellished necklines naturally draw the eye upward toward the slimmest part of a pear-shaped body.
  3. Layer it up. Layering garments can balance a pear-shaped body by adding visual interest to the top half of the body.
  4. Go for an A. A-line dresses and tops emphasize the upper body while slimming wider hips characteristic of a pear-shaped body.

Dressing a Curvy Body

When you are voluptuous life gets hard. The toughest body type to dress is when you are on a heavier side.

If you are Curvy

Look for…
Semifitted styles that softly follow your curves and show off your waistline, like Beyonce’s wrap dress. Other flattering silhouettes include sheaths, belted shirtdresses and full skirts.

Anything either too loose or too fitted (including styles that cinch the waist too tightly) and high necklines.


  • to Choose medium-weight knits and soft fabrics that drape well.
    to Opt for lower necklines found in wrap, off-the-shoulder or strapless styles.
    For a slimming effect, show some skin: Expose legs or cleavage.

You see dressing and dresses mean a lot and are a major part of who you are. They are not just a reflection on one’s status but also attitude and personality and thus you young woman should be paying your body the right attention.

So much for today. Fall in love with the shape of you, show off the toned legs, show off the curves coz we love shapes don’t we?!











Turn The Heat On!

Ola ladies! The Sun is bright and hot outside, and the day is turning the heat up, the flowers are in the bloom and so are you. Yes its summer again! Time to pull out those goggles and grab a drink and sit right down because here is your fashion consultant talking about making you look fabulous all summer long. Since we were talking about showering  the love the last time we met, there cannot be a better time to start, but summer!!!

Getting right to business, it is the “Indian” summer that we are dealing with. The temperature goes as bad as 50 degrees. The weather is extremely hot and our bodies are caked with sweat and dust. In this hot and ready to bake oven of weather one cannot think of stepping outside the air-conditioned rooms let alone trying to pull off the fashion diva look.  BUT why should the sun shadow up your shine?!  No! I am not talking the impossible.

It is but super easy to beat the heat and be the diva you are by just dressing right, choosing the right cloth, the right material and some garnish of accessories.

So to start with what to really wear?

Ladies say bye to all the georgettes, satin, nylon, polyester and say hi to cotton!!! Cotton is the perfect fit when we talk summer. To keep cool in summers, we need a fabric which is is able to sponge up the imminent sweat to leave your skin cool and dry. While your nylon, satin and any synthetic fabric for that matter is light and shiny, they do a poor job at hiding all the sweat and sticky to the body making one feel absolutely uncomfortable.  You don’t want to look sisters to the drenched street cat, do you now?! So say bye to the synthetics.

Say Hi to cotton! Cotton not only is excellent at absorbing but also is very permeable and allows full circulation of air through the clothes keeping you cool as a cucumber even during hottest of days.

Getting down to the styles you could flaunt during the season.

Of course the first thought that runs up through our mind when we say summer, is shorts and t- backs with reflector goggles, but guess what woman, every other chick in the world is thinking exactly the same. Go different on the, all and indianize your summer outfit. Now that we already have the cotton hack, go Indian this summer and put on some kurtis.

Summer is one season closest to representing the Indian mood. Its light, its bright, its colorful, full of aroma. Summer spells mangoes and long vacations to our native places where out grandmothers are busy preparing the Indian delicacy Aam ka Aachar. Summer spells India.

So what you dress in should reflect the Indian mood while at the same time making you stand out.

Now  the designs that one can go for.

Now that we are talking kurties, we are not looking at the traditional long , covered, hard to breathe in piece of cloth. We are looking at the new trend.

One can go for the classic  3/4th kurtis pair it up with a matching leggings and a flowery printed duppata. Though the look is a classic it is in trend and has resurfaced post the release of “Badrinath ki dulhaniya “ where Aalia Bhat is seen in this very look for a major part of the movie.

Other look for the summer is the bohemian hippy look. In this look you can go for a very flowey patiyaala salwar and pair it up with a super short , hip length , low neck sleeve less kurti in classic and basic colors such as black, grey, orange and top the look with a flowery printed scarf on the head , put into a turban to complete the look. You can also pair the look with jhumka earrings and a bindi.

Last look on the list is the semi Indian look where we fuse the Indian with the western. Since its summer and you have been working out, you got every right to flaunt those toned legs. What I am talking about are called the t- shirt dresses. While t-shirt dressed are only catching up with the Indian audiences they are a hip in the west. Above knee length Kurti dresses in Indian tribal prints with a low-cut neck paired with bangles and traditional earrings are the basics of the look. Here you are wearing Indian prints and kurties but westernizing then by making a knee length dress out of it. To complete the look go for anklets and sporty sneakers. While the dress gives the Indian vibe the sneakers give the cool look.

So much for today. Go outside, feel the heat , be the heat and keep looking fabulous. Let summer not keep you from being the diva that you are. Go Indian go summery. Go ahead show some love and turn the heat on this summer.


Show Some Love

Woman you are the most beautiful thing ever to walk the face of this earth. You are beautiful in each and every form you choose. You are beautiful as a toddler when you mean the world to your parents, you are beautiful as a young lady trying to find herself and adjust to the new body, you are beautiful as a woman who is a patchwork of scars and smiles, you are beautiful as an old lady when your wrinkles narrate the stories of your wisdom. You are beautiful in every form you exist. Only, some of you don’t acknowledge it enough.

Women are sensitive creatures, and such is our society that they have always imposed self doubt on most beautiful of female souls. What is worse is that most perfect women feel that they are “too fat”, or “too thin” , or “too short” or “too tall”. There is always something or the other that is too much or too less. What we fail to see is that, that too much is exactly what makes you who you are. So no my love, show the self doubt the back door because you are just “too amazing” for anybody to judge.

You aren’t “too fat”, you “have” fat which by the way your body needs as much as it needs air to survive.  You aren’t “too thin” , you work super hard and your body reflects your zeal, let it talk. You aren’t “too tall” ; you just have your head in the clouds woman so put on some heels and dream and pay no heed to people who ask you to step down your feminine throne. You are not “too short” you have a cute height which doesn’t keep you from looking straight into people’s eyes. You are sheer beauty in every form. So show some love honey, show the love you deserve.

Not only are you an artistic masterpiece of the creators you are also as strong, as deep, as solid, as masculine and equally feminine . Not only can you go out and earn bread like a man you also give birth to a new life. Remember lady, you can wear the pants in the house, but men can never step into your skirts.

So Worship the body which is capable of such wonders. Love every curve, every strand, and every tip of your being. Throw your hands in the air and hug yourself tight. Woman, show some love!!

While you go on being the amazing Aphrodite that you are, we will go on and try to clothe your godly being; we will worship and celebrate your femininity with every strand of cloth, and every spin of the yarn.

This summer doubt is out!

This summer, grab a drink, put on the crown, step into those heels and flaunt that beautiful being of yours, because you are a queen and you deserve to be treated like one. And while you go about being your amazing self, we shall see and show women for who they are. Let’s show some love ladies!

Every subsequent post will be a celebration of your femininity where we explore all about being a woman, from body shapes, to dresses that suits you, to the new fashion fads, to what’s hot this summer.

Let’s turn the heat up this summer, ladies!!!!!  Show some love :*