The art of war!

Dear ladies

So far, in all our blogs we have celebrated the feminity of women. The beauty, the charm, the spirit all remain but what really matter is the fight that each woman has within her. Her art of war.

We bow to the woman power by paying our respect to Nirbhaya, who became the voice of a million, who became our pain and blood, who became our fight.

It is but sad fact that it took 4 years for her to find justice. Four long years to put her criminals to be brought to the dais. Her war dint end with her death, it only started.

We are but the torchbearers of the light, of the fire set ablaze by this incident. We are but soldiers in this fight. And this, is our art of war


We as women have been objectified, disgraced, suppressed and what not but we stand to fight. Today we talk of the fights that women face in almost every field they step it.


At work, we work! Women bring their best foot forward when it comes to scaling the corporate heights. The likes of Chanda Kochar, Arundhati Bhattacharya, Priyanka Chopra are but epitome of excellence.

Research has proved that though the male brain size is bigger , the female brain functions more efficiently due to the elaborate nervous structure. Research proves that women are born smarter. While research has its facts the statistics of profit and loss shows that women are better performers in work places be it technical or back end jobs. While we are out here discussing how much better women perform as compare to men, the salary statistics tell another story all together. Women are paid 30- 40% lesser then men for the same job done to better efficiency. This is a fight being fought by hundreds of women who are bread earners in a family ranging from the daily wage female laborer to high end corporate managers. Though very much present the problem is not ever acknowledged. Its like fight against an invisible enemy, and thus we call it a glass ceiling. While we keep pushing against the strong glass ceiling, we add more and more women to our work force and one day we shall shatter the glass ceiling to shine though, to taste the air of freedom, but until then, we fight the fight.


While we look at discrimination at workplace we don’t have to go far from home to find the evil.

A girl child is seen as a liability, another mouth to feed while a male child an asset. We don’t understand the dynamics of how, and why but we do know that the discrimination is there. Not allowing a girl to complete education, marrying them off at an early age, being harassed by the social bondages are all but our fight.

From the very start we fight to be the perfect child. Later on we fight to go to school, and then we fight to make a name, a name which is not only acknowledged but also respected by the society.


This is our fight, ad we are the graceful fighters. This is our art of war. Every woman fights her war in her own way. Some fight it by doing the unconventional, others by rebellion, and sometime we run away only to return stronger.


We will wear short skirts if we want, we will wear nothing at all if we are comfortable in our own skin. We will work late in the night, we will not be scared of the scavengers lurking in the corners of the dark city. We will drink, go out, choose who we marry. But most importantly of all we will choose how we live! We will not let anyone dictate who you are at the core.

This is me, a woman

And this is my art of war. And I decide on winning!


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