The Return of the 70s

                  The Return of the 70s!

70s is remembered as the era of Amithabh Bachhan, Dharmendra, Shatrughan Sinha. An era where fashion was redefined, fight sequences extolled and songs written for the soul. 70s was the era that is remembered for the great Actors that it gave and the fashion revolution caused in the Indian scenario.

While Basanti’s hair style and dress were adopted by the young belles , the Abitabh Bachhan’s bell bottom pants were a thing to die for. Everything was revolutionized right from clothes to footwear to makeup.

But with the passage of the era the fashion sense of the youth evolved and with that the era was forgotten and replaced by the hip fashion. High waists were replaced by low, bell bottoms replaced by narrow jeans, polka dots replaced by denims and that saw the revolution of another fashion era.

What might surprise you is that Old is still gold ad the70s are making a comeback. Short skirts are being replaced by long pants again, the winged liners are replacing smoky eyes, and the 70s are back

Today we look at the styles of 70s making a comeback, which are also must haves if you are a fashionista

The return of the saree.

The saree worn by Nargis in the all time favourite and evergreen song “pyaar hua ikraar hua”  is being loved by  the fashion divas today. The 2017 fashion queen Sonam Kapoor was seen wearing the similar saree with a modern twist. Runway models were seen in the same saree which is but a proof that the designers are looking into the 70s for the new trends.


The plain white saree falling into beautiful creese, perfectly complimented by the black border coupled with a black bindi completes the indo-western look.

Now that we have talked about the Indian ethnic look we move on to the western wear.

Return of the high waist pants and bell bottoms

2017 is seeing the return of the high waist parallel pants from the 1970s.

High waist pants were popular not only in the west but also very prevalent in Bollywood. Hight waist with bellbottoms were the fad in Bollywood. We see Amitabh Bachhan wearing the same design in blue shades in Sholay. Not only was it a trend in men’s fashion but also very popular with the bells. Ladies wore high waist bell bottoms coupled with polka dots tie tops. The perfect memory of the same is the costume designed in Bobby for the leading lady.




High waist pants have been back after an era which saw actresses and models flaunting their waist lines, wearing low waist denims and showing off the womanly cuts. The reason that the High waist pants are back is because not only are they extremely comfortable but also complement the curves of voluptuous women while enhancing the frame of the leaner ladies. While these pants look they casual they can pass for a party wear anytime  and hence these are a must haves in the closet.

Return of the winged liner

While we ladies love dressing up and pampering ourselves , we pay extra attention to our makeup. Our makeup boxes are cramped with 5 kinds of blushes and some 50 colors of liners and kajals, this is but a proof of how important our makeup is to look dot on point with the diva look.

While we are talking about makeup we have to talk about the eyes. The recent era saw the rise of smoky eyes as the capital of eye makeup but now in 2017 we see the return on the famous winged liners conspicuously flaunted by our actresses back in 1970s. not only is the fad being popular amongst the gals but actresses like Dipika Padukone are also going for the elaborate liner look.




The winged liner have risen to popularity for all the right reasons. It enhances the doe eye shape, while providing definition to the lashes. It gives a simple yet elegant look to the face which works for formal as well as party occasions.

While there are many more styles from the 1970s which are making a comeback these were the most popular few which a woman must have in her closet. So go out shopping or dig out your mother’s old clothes and accessories because that is what is in. This summer go old school and look absolutely trendy and fabulous because girls, you are worth it.




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