Turn The Heat On!

Turn The Heat On!

Ola ladies! The Sun is bright and hot outside, and the day is turning the heat up, the flowers are in the bloom and so are you. Yes its summer again! Time to pull out those goggles and grab a drink and sit right down because here is your fashion consultant talking about making you look fabulous all summer long. Since we were talking about showering  the love the last time we met, there cannot be a better time to start, but summer!!!

Getting right to business, it is the “Indian” summer that we are dealing with. The temperature goes as bad as 50 degrees. The weather is extremely hot and our bodies are caked with sweat and dust. In this hot and ready to bake oven of weather one cannot think of stepping outside the air-conditioned rooms let alone trying to pull off the fashion diva look.  BUT why should the sun shadow up your shine?!  No! I am not talking the impossible.

It is but super easy to beat the heat and be the diva you are by just dressing right, choosing the right cloth, the right material and some garnish of accessories.

So to start with what to really wear?

Ladies say bye to all the georgettes, satin, nylon, polyester and say hi to cotton!!! Cotton is the perfect fit when we talk summer. To keep cool in summers, we need a fabric which is is able to sponge up the imminent sweat to leave your skin cool and dry. While your nylon, satin and any synthetic fabric for that matter is light and shiny, they do a poor job at hiding all the sweat and sticky to the body making one feel absolutely uncomfortable.  You don’t want to look sisters to the drenched street cat, do you now?! So say bye to the synthetics.

Say Hi to cotton! Cotton not only is excellent at absorbing but also is very permeable and allows full circulation of air through the clothes keeping you cool as a cucumber even during hottest of days.

Getting down to the styles you could flaunt during the season.

Of course the first thought that runs up through our mind when we say summer, is shorts and t- backs with reflector goggles, but guess what woman, every other chick in the world is thinking exactly the same. Go different on the, all and indianize your summer outfit. Now that we already have the cotton hack, go Indian this summer and put on some kurtis.

Summer is one season closest to representing the Indian mood. Its light, its bright, its colorful, full of aroma. Summer spells mangoes and long vacations to our native places where out grandmothers are busy preparing the Indian delicacy Aam ka Aachar. Summer spells India.

So what you dress in should reflect the Indian mood while at the same time making you stand out.

Now  the designs that one can go for.

Now that we are talking kurties, we are not looking at the traditional long , covered, hard to breathe in piece of cloth. We are looking at the new trend.

One can go for the classic  3/4th kurtis pair it up with a matching leggings and a flowery printed duppata. Though the look is a classic it is in trend and has resurfaced post the release of “Badrinath ki dulhaniya “ where Aalia Bhat is seen in this very look for a major part of the movie.

Other look for the summer is the bohemian hippy look. In this look you can go for a very flowey patiyaala salwar and pair it up with a super short , hip length , low neck sleeve less kurti in classic and basic colors such as black, grey, orange and top the look with a flowery printed scarf on the head , put into a turban to complete the look. You can also pair the look with jhumka earrings and a bindi.

Last look on the list is the semi Indian look where we fuse the Indian with the western. Since its summer and you have been working out, you got every right to flaunt those toned legs. What I am talking about are called the t- shirt dresses. While t-shirt dressed are only catching up with the Indian audiences they are a hip in the west. Above knee length Kurti dresses in Indian tribal prints with a low-cut neck paired with bangles and traditional earrings are the basics of the look. Here you are wearing Indian prints and kurties but westernizing then by making a knee length dress out of it. To complete the look go for anklets and sporty sneakers. While the dress gives the Indian vibe the sneakers give the cool look.

So much for today. Go outside, feel the heat , be the heat and keep looking fabulous. Let summer not keep you from being the diva that you are. Go Indian go summery. Go ahead show some love and turn the heat on this summer.

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