Show Some Love!


Show Some Love

Woman you are the most beautiful thing ever to walk the face of this earth. You are beautiful in each and every form you choose. You are beautiful as a toddler when you mean the world to your parents, you are beautiful as a young lady trying to find herself and adjust to the new body, you are beautiful as a woman who is a patchwork of scars and smiles, you are beautiful as an old lady when your wrinkles narrate the stories of your wisdom. You are beautiful in every form you exist. Only, some of you don’t acknowledge it enough.

Women are sensitive creatures, and such is our society that they have always imposed self doubt on most beautiful of female souls. What is worse is that most perfect women feel that they are “too fat”, or “too thin” , or “too short” or “too tall”. There is always something or the other that is too much or too less. What we fail to see is that, that too much is exactly what makes you who you are. So no my love, show the self doubt the back door because you are just “too amazing” for anybody to judge.

You aren’t “too fat”, you “have” fat which by the way your body needs as much as it needs air to survive.  You aren’t “too thin” , you work super hard and your body reflects your zeal, let it talk. You aren’t “too tall” ; you just have your head in the clouds woman so put on some heels and dream and pay no heed to people who ask you to step down your feminine throne. You are not “too short” you have a cute height which doesn’t keep you from looking straight into people’s eyes. You are sheer beauty in every form. So show some love honey, show the love you deserve.

Not only are you an artistic masterpiece of the creators you are also as strong, as deep, as solid, as masculine and equally feminine . Not only can you go out and earn bread like a man you also give birth to a new life. Remember lady, you can wear the pants in the house, but men can never step into your skirts.

So Worship the body which is capable of such wonders. Love every curve, every strand, and every tip of your being. Throw your hands in the air and hug yourself tight. Woman, show some love!!

While you go on being the amazing Aphrodite that you are, we will go on and try to clothe your godly being; we will worship and celebrate your femininity with every strand of cloth, and every spin of the yarn.

This summer doubt is out!

This summer, grab a drink, put on the crown, step into those heels and flaunt that beautiful being of yours, because you are a queen and you deserve to be treated like one. And while you go about being your amazing self, we shall see and show women for who they are. Let’s show some love ladies!

Every subsequent post will be a celebration of your femininity where we explore all about being a woman, from body shapes, to dresses that suits you, to the new fashion fads, to what’s hot this summer.

Let’s turn the heat up this summer, ladies!!!!!  Show some love :*



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